STEFANOThe photographic vision together with the need to represent the ins and outs of the world around me have always been part of my life.

Since when I was a child I used to spend a lot of time experimenting and “playing around” with my manual reflex camera until I was ready to open up to the digital world and the digital world was ready to compete with the quality of the film.

I am not focused on just one area of photography as it belongs to my nature no to have blinkers; I like to capture every possible aspect and shade of what surrounds me, without technical nor formal prejudice making the most of every occasion in order to create my personal shot.

The distinctiveness of my degree in Geological Sciences and the following experiences helped me to open my eyes and my mind even more and to become aware of the countless shades of both men and nature.

Through the camera you are able to capture and almost stop a little portion of the world; it is up to the photographer how to represent reality using his own instinct, sensitiveness and technical ability to fix that moment in time so that it will for ever be a photo memory or even better a photo emotion.

Among the innumerable ways to shoot a wedding I adopt the journalistic approach which has the quality to capture the real essence of the day that becomes of historical value for the couples I meet.
It is therefore vital to cut down on adjustments that are typical of portrait photo sessions.
I like to consider the bride and the groom as two people that are having fun on their special day and not like actors on a set.

It is not easy to communicate the capacity of reading reality; I try doing that also being one of the teachers of a photography course that takes part annually and it is organised by TIFF – Tigullio Foto Forum in Chiavari.
A few years ago I have also developed a course specific for teen agers cut out to mould the natural shooting spontaneity that belongs to that age.