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All the emotions of a foreign humanistic wedding ceremony in Zoagli

Gisela and Jan are a young Swiss couple who chose   the “Bel Paese” (Zoagli) as the perfect place for their humanistic wedding ceremony

They felt in love with Zoagli, gorgeous pearl of the West Ligurian Riviera and chose an amazing villa of this enchanted village to exchange vows surrounded by their closest family members and friends, the ones they cared the most about.

It has been both an honour and a fantastic opportunity for us to be chosen as photographers of this little, intimate and informal wedding.

We met some awsome and easy going people which have made us felt part of the group and we have been able to observe a different way to live and celebrate a wedding day compared to what we are used to see every day.

If I was to find some words to describe it all they would be: lightness, not intended as superficiality but as spontaineity and semplicity.

I immediately realized that Gisela and Jan intended to live their special and magical day intensely but light-heartedly together with their family and friends, stress free and without worrying too much about every little detail falling into place. They would not let anything spoil their big day. And I am not saying that they did not organize it perfectly because they did but I found absolutely amazing the relaxed and spontaneous mood they showed during the whole event.

In the magnificent frame of the “Arabian Night” Villa Bianca in Zoagli, on a sheer terrace above the cliff with a 360° view going from Portofino to Sestri Levante, above the entire Gulf of Tigullio, the wedding had been celebrated with a humanistic ceremony. And this time I managed not to get too emotional (“It was about time” some of you would say…or at least the ones used to read my blog where I always write about how much I feel moved while I shoot during a wedding). Well, this is not entirely true. Actually, I could not let myself get too touched by this ceremony, not because the celebrant words weren’t nice , but because the whole cerimony was in German and even with my 3 years of study I did not catch every sigle word!!!

What I do know is that the celebrant spoke about Gisela and Jan love story, from the very first time they saw each other in the Swiss Alps… it was love at first sight!

At the time Gisela was just a fifteen years old girl who happened to notice this handsome snowboard teacher while skiing with her best friend Celine (almost a sister to her and obviously her bridesmaid during her wedding). Guess who this teacher was? Yep, her husband to be Jan. She moved heaven and heart to get to know him and to win his heart! The rest is history!

After the ceremony, the groom made a speech to thank family and friends because they have managed to be there, some of them travelling from very far, to contribuite to make this day even more special. A very touching moment that we capture on camera.

I could spend hours writing about this amazing day and fantastic experience. But I am not a writer nor a talentuous blogger so I prefer to use my photos to tell you the rest of the story.



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