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Doug and Kelly: a love story from Taiwan

The story of the wedding I am going to tell you about today started on the other side of the world, in Taiwan.
Destination-wedding-italy-grandhotelmiramare-santamargherita-1Doug and Kelly decided to spend their honeymoon in Italy together with twenty of their best friends and had the original idea to make their journey even more unique, celebrating a symbolic wedding in Santa Margherita Ligure, in the stunning Italian Riviera.

As wedding location, they chose the awesome Grand Hotel Miramare.  
destination-wedding-photographer-italian-riviera-santamargheritaligure-taiwan 5The Hotel Manager took care of every detail, from the bride and groom  preparation  ( reserving for them a beautiful room where the bride found a  hairdresser and  make-up artist ready for her  ) to the touching  ceremony, perfectly celebrated by Andrea Barendson, ending with  an elegant and intimate dinner in a beautiful room, lovely decorated  with  flowers and candles.


The Newlyweds and their friends shared a long, rich table where a sumptuous dinner was served, while the talented pianist  Alessandro Martire played the piano in the background.

During the dinner a very touched Doug opened his heart to his wife declaring all his love for her and remembering to all the guests where and how all began between them.

destination-wedding-photographer-italian-riviera-santamargheritaligure-taiwan (6)

Kelly and Doug decided to surprise their guests, giving them train tickets to the superb Cinque Terre  as next honeymoon destination.

This fantastic journey could not end without visiting other  beautiful  and famous Italian cities, such as Milan, Venice and Florence before going back to Taiwan

I have to admit that have been chosen by Doug and Kelly as their  wedding photographer  has been a great honour and opportunity to get to know a different culture and amazing people.