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Sheila and Giovanni – an ordinary magic day

2017 has began a few days ago but the memories of the year just finished are still strong and very much alive. I am thinking about all the wonderful people I have met and the fantastic couples that I had the pleasure of photographing.
Despite the fact that Sheila and Giovanni got married a few months ago I still remember every detail and I cherish all the emotions felt in my heart.
love-isI have not forgot Sheila’s mum warm hospitality, she opened her house as well as her heart to me treating me like I was part of the family, nor the feeling of beeing at home, a home full of love in every room. And how can I not remember the millions post-it notes with love messages left from Sheila to her mum ( yes, because love can be whispered and screamed but also written on a post-it). They are stuck everywhere, on wardrobe doors, on walls…
And what about the famouse Panini stickers “Love is…”(something epic for the 80’s generation) left untouched on the kitchen furniture put there by Sheila’s brother to celebrate the birth of her little sister.
During Sheila and Giovanni s wedding day all I breathed was love, pure and authentic love.
Special and unique is also the relationship between Sheila and Francesca, mums neighbour: they basically grew up together always beeing there for each other like sisters and on the wedding day Sheila chose to dress up in Francesca’s apartment to share this moment with her.
Another frame that will for ever be impressed in my heart is Sheila and Giovanni dancing in front of their friends in the Restaurant “Il Gabbiano”. Even though everybody was looking at them they acted like they were alone.
The way how Giovanni held Sheila close to him, taking her face between his hands almost as he wanted to protect her and to take care of her. If I was to choose a song for this first dance I would have chosen “The cure” from Franco Battiato as soundtrack. The way they were looking at each other while dancing, his eyes lost in hers, to me was the perfect image for this beautiful song.
“I will cross the gravitational currents, the space and the light not to let you grow old, I will spare you from every sadness because you are special and I will take care of you”

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